How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth During an Event

In the age of digital media and experiential marketing, expectations run high and attention spans tend to shrink. It takes pre-planning with the help of creative thinking, along with a direct approach if you want your brand to be noticed. This is especially true when you are competing for attention at a trade show. At a trade show, it’s essential to follow the right strategies and implement effective techniques that increase booth traffic. If you have a trade show event lined up, then here are Read more [...]

5 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Trade Show Booth

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Be it a smartphone in your hand or a satellite in space, technology is making our lives easier in every possible way. It can generate buzz and catch attention. Therefore, incorporating some tech elements into your trade show booth is a good idea for businesses. There’s a wide variety of technological components you can use at the next trade show to appeal to a wider audience and generate leads. Let’s have a look at a few examples. 1) Digital Read more [...]

4 Frequently Made Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Be it a first timer or a veteran trade show exhibitor, mistakes are unavoidable during a trade show. Amidst so many preparations and arrangements, the chances of something going haywire are high. A trade show booth is intended to help you generate leads and establish your brand in the market. But, if small mistakes start turning into big disasters, then it's better to take necessary measures. To help you avoid making errors during the event, we are highlighting 4 common trade show mistakes to watch Read more [...]

Trade Show Booth Etiquette 101

Having good trade show booth etiquette is all about the appearance, behaviour, and the overall performance of your booth staff. Many exhibitors underestimate the value of etiquette training and fail to attract customers and prospects as a result. Irrespective of how impressive your design, lighting, banners, giveaways, and exhibits are, your staff plays the biggest role when it comes to representing your brand. Attendees may forget the design of your booth, but they will remember their experience Read more [...]

How to Engage Your Audience at Trade Shows

A trade show booth must be appealing and captivating to get your audience’s attention. It’s meant to generate leads after all. Have you ever thought what makes some booths so engaging? The answer is their interactive presentations If you’re disappointed with your booth’s performance at the last event, then here’s how to attract and engage the audience at the next one. 1) Trade Show Games Move on from the old-school giveaways and try hosting some interesting trade show games. Most exhibitors Read more [...]