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Tools to Measure the Success of Your Trade Show Event

Trade shows require a lot of work from those involved in them. Everyone has to work hard in order to nuture current clients, attract new customers and create brand awareness. However, estimating success based on your personal experience and instinct at the show isn’t enough. You must be able to prove to your superiors that the money and work invested in making it all happen wasn’t a complete waste. When planning a trade show and creating a budget, you have to determine a method for keeping Read more [...]

How to Get More Leads at Your Next Trade Show

Closing sales at a trade show takes more than luck. The process of generating and closing leads must be defined well before the event starts. Though exhibitors mainly collect leads during the show, most have no specific plans for following up with potential clients. The success of your trade show will be determined by the strategic actions you take before, during and after the trade show. Things to Do Before the Show: Choosing the Right Show Always think about quality over quantity Read more [...]

7 Blogs to Read Before Going to a Trade Show

Did you know that trade show leads costs 38% less than compared to a phone lead. In fact, 83% of trade fair attendees have some type of purchasing power. It’s always wise to get tips from market leaders in order to have a successful trade show event. Here are some blogs that can do wonders for your event: Trade Show News Network – Enlightening people on trade show news since 1996, TSNN is the most consulted trade show event database on the internet. It entertains readers with data from Read more [...]

Dumb Things People Do at a Trade Show Event

Silly things can leave a bad impression about your firm at a trade show. You are reading this blog; this means you want to avoid doing such things. Anyone participating in trade shows could easily write a book on what they have seen over the years. Pre-show and post show fixes can even consume 100s of pages. Here we are pointing out things that you should avoid. Bringing a big team of speakers Bring the management and very impressive speakers, but not the entire team. They should be the Read more [...]