10 Important Things to Consider When Designing Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the popular trade show displays used by exhibitors to showcase their brand. However, they will be effective only if they are designed properly keeping all the essentials intact. From the brand name, the logo of the company, tagline, featured products or services to the contact details; you have to include all this information without cramping the layout. This is just the beginning, there are many other things that should be considered when designing banner stands including roller and retractable ones. Keep reading to find out more!

Things That Shouldn’t Be Ignored When Designing Banners for Trade Shows

  1. Colour

Colours play an important role when creating banner stands. This is because they can grab the attention of the visitors without much effort. But you should avoid going overboard as too many shades can strain the attendees’ eyes and confuse them. Instead of getting them to a trade show booth, the latter can divert them to a different stall.

Parity of  Colour Scheme
It is always wise to pick colours from the logo of a company for the theme of your booth to maintain parity.
  1. Texts and Fonts

After you’re done selecting colours for the trade show display, your next step is to choose proper font types and sizes. This is crucial because the banner stand should be readable both from closer proximity to a distance. In addition, keep the text as minimum as possible with proper spacing in between to provide ease to the readers.

Font Selection
There are a few widely preferred fonts such as Century Gothic, Helvetica and Verdana. You can try any of them and get good results. Comic Sans, Segoe Script and Impact, on the other hand, should be avoided as they are not right for trade show displays.
  1. Images and Graphics

Only words and no images or graphics can make any display boring and uninviting. That’s why you must add images of your products or services on the banner layout prior to the designing. By doing so, you can arrange all the elements properly without crowding the design. But make sure the images you’re selecting are of higher resolution or else they might fail to create an impact on the visitors.

Image Resolution
A picture can pixelate when enlarged if it doesn’t match the resolution. To avoid such an image or graphic, use Photoshop, a software that allows you to choose the resolution and adjust the file size before you save it and use in the future.
  1. Your Audience

What is your motive with the banner stand? Reach out to your audience without much effort, right? That’s why you should know your customers properly which is possible after a proper analysis of the database. With the use of images, colours and fonts, you can attract them to your booth. But your focus should be on retaining them as well. For instance, if your company caters to the older generation, then you can give prime importance to bold fonts with suitable buzzwords to garner interest among them.

Research is the key in this context. Once you’re sure of your audience, you can get in touch with us and make banner stands for your next event!
  1. Your Brand Identity

When you’re exhibiting in a trade show, your aim is to uphold your already established brand if you’re not a newbie in the industry. So, how are you planning to do that? One of the important ways is to incorporate your brand essentials like the colours used in the logo, tagline and the products or services in the banner stands. By doing so, you can easily create your brand identity in the trade show.

  1. Placement of the Banner Stands

You should know where your banner stands will be placed in the event. Only afterwards should you get designed for better visibility. For instance, if your booth has a lot of elements such as chairs and tables, they can obstruct the trade show displays. In such a situation, you should keep all the key information about your company at the top of the banner to attract the attendees. But if there is no obstruction in your stand, then you can utilize the entire display without going overboard as the latter can have an adverse effect on your visitors.

  1. Position of the Logo

The logo is the face of a company. Hence, it has to be kept at the top of the banner either at the centre or on the sides based on your preferences. The size of the logo should not be too large or too small, so, you have to choose something that can stand out and grab the attention of the attendees. Plus, keep this element at an eye level to ensure better visibility.

  1. Other Marketing Material

Do you have other printed materials for the promotion of your company? If so, then you should remember to include similar layout and design of the banner with leaflets, brochures, newspapers or magazines. In this way, you can maintain parity and also prevent confusing the visitors.

  1. Contact Details

The contact details of an organization are one of the crucial elements and must be included in the banner layout. You can either place them at the top or bottom of the banner based on its placement. For instance, if the stand is obstructed, then it’s better to place the telephone number or email address at the header. Though the best place is at the bottom, it may not be wise to place them there in case there are obstructions at the booth.

Expert Tip
Do not include more than a telephone number or email address as your contact details. By doing so, you can create curiosity among the attendees and they might approach you for more information.
  1. Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb in designing a trade show display is to keep the information from left to right and top to bottom as we all are familiar with reading and consuming information this way. You shouldn’t skip this pointer at all or else your banner stand will never get the desired result.

These are the important considerations and neither one of them should be skipped or else the banner stands may fail to create an impact on the attendees. So, include all the crucial elements, study your audience properly and create a mockup before finalizing the layout. Once you’re satisfied, go ahead and get the banner designed by the professionals of the industry. All the best!