3 Cost-Effective Ways to Refresh Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows allow your business unique face-to-face opportunities with industry influencers and can be a tremendous investment to the company’s future. To ensure you make the best possible first impression, your business will need a well-designed trade show booth that beckons potential investors. In case the display is a bit outdated, before you spend the money on a new display, consider these three cost-effective ways to refresh your trade show booth.

Swap out Current Graphics for an Updated Look

Most companies prefer to update their existing trade show display graphics owing to the investment that comes with a new booth. The former keeps the design fresh, while also being affordable. If the current booth is not looking good, it is so because of outdated visuals. Modest investments in graphics that can help draw onlookers.

This is the perfect technique if you are aware of the overall structure of the existing booth. You are aware of where the graphics will go and what dimensions are needed, meaning you will only have to decide on the face of the new graphic.

Integrate Portable Trade Show Displays into the Exhibit

Another way to augment the current trade show display is by adding a portable display to the set-up. The addition of the iPad stand or literature rack can provide a new interactive element for the visitors. You may also feature on a particular service or product with a brand new kiosk or banner stand. Being a lot more affordable than purchasing any new display, these kinds of visuals make a greater impact.

Rent Display Items and Outfit Them with a Custom Display

Renting any sort of trade show displays and outfitting them with custom graphics is one of the most feasible options available to exhibitors. You can rent an array of trade show booth components featuring customizable graphics. Further, if you are considering purchase of a new element for your booth but are really not sure how it will fit with the existing display, you can definitely rent the item. Brand exposure aside, these keep you within budget and stops you from worrying about storage.

Have you determined where the booth needs more update? Are you prepared for the makeover of your booth? If so, then this is the time you call in a trade show booth expert to help you with the major discretionary details of the booth.