4 Dress Code Tips for Trade Show Booth Staff

Trade Show Display
A business exhibiting at a trade show aims at making it big at the event. Be it their booth’s appearance or the product demonstration, everything should be executed with perfection to generate more leads and make their brand stand out from the rest. But, apart from your trade show exhibits, there’s one more thing that is equally important in attracting more visitors at your booth, the attire of your booth staff.

The dress code of your booth staff presents a professional image of the company, helps your visitors identify who is available for assistance at the booth and creates a positive first impression.

In today’s post, we’ve laid out 4 dress code tips for your trade show booth staff to impress the attendees.

1) Dress According to the Event

Not all trade shows are meant to be B2B. Some are focussed on customer interactions. Therefore, choosing a dress code according to the type of event is recommended. If you’re representing your brand on a platform where you need to interact with people from all business levels, then dressing up professionally will be the best for you. It will display a professional image of your company and impress the prospective clients. The best dress code will be suits, ties and leather shoes for men and dresses or pantsuits or skirt suits and heels for women.

If you’re attending an event where you’re expected to interact with people to attract customers, then casual attire is preferred. The casual wear will give an inviting look and make the customers feel comfortable around the booth staff. The best dress code will be polo shirts or collared shirt, chinos or corduroy pants with sneakers for men and a simple dress with dress flats for women.

2) Be Well Groomed

Simply wearing a branded suit will not make your booth staff look pleasing and attractive. It’s important to look well groomed to complete the look with a dress code. Make sure your booth staff has a neat haircut, fingernails trimmed, clothes ironed and shoes polished. This will give a polished appearance from head to toe thus making them more approachable.

3) Wear Comfortable Shoes

During a trade show event, the booth staff has to stand for hours and doing that in brand new shoes is nightmarish as it can cause blisters or foot cramps. Avoid wearing new shoes at the event as it will be very uncomfortable. Trust a pair of comfy sneakers or your old shoes as long as they are presentable. Instead of wearing high heels, women should go for flats to maintain their posture without being uncomfortable. Don’t forget to check the insoles of your shoes and determine whether they provide cushioning or not.

4) Incorporate Your Company Theme into the Outfit

Instead of wearing shirts with your company’s logo engraved, try adding small items of your company’s brand to your outfit. In this way, you can incorporate the theme into your outfit, get recognized by the visitors and add some style to your overall look. For example, small badges or buttons on your both staff’s jackets or polo shirts for a software company or aprons or a chef’s hat with company’s name wore by booth staffs for a company manufacturing food products.

Pay attention to the dress code of your booth staff to make your trade show booth as well your staff outshine others at the event. Follow these tips and ask for more suggestions from your staff to improve their look. Trade show events are the best way to show your innovative thinking. Put your creative foot forward and attract more attendees to your booth.