4 Frequently Made Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Be it a first timer or a veteran trade show exhibitor, mistakes are unavoidable during a trade show. Amidst so many preparations and arrangements, the chances of something going haywire are high.

A trade show booth is intended to help you generate leads and establish your brand in the market. But, if small mistakes start turning into big disasters, then it’s better to take necessary measures. To help you avoid making errors during the event, we are highlighting 4 common trade show mistakes to watch out for.

1) Buying or Renting Wrong Sized Booth

Going too big or too small at a trade show is the most common mistake committed by exhibitors. Some businesses believe that selecting a big booth, such as an island exhibit with huge banners and displays, will be able to attract more visitors. On the other hand, some businesses think that bigger exhibits are a waste of money and opt for smaller exhibits that end up unnoticed during the event. However, for newbies, sticking to a 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 sized booth is the best option because there are a lot of other factors responsible for lead generation apart from the size of the booth.

2) Not Training the Booth Staff Properly

The appearance and behaviour of your booth staff are your trump cards to win the battle for attention at a trade show. Despite having the trendiest and most attractive trade show exhibits at the event, you can fail to attract an audience if you don’t train your booth staff well. Simply knowing about the product and the company is not enough. They should understand the company’s goals and interact with visitors enthusiastically. Here, trade show booth etiquette plays a vital role. To know more about trade show booth etiquette, click here.

3) Disorganized Graphics

Sometimes designers create cluttered graphics on your trade show displays while trying to fit every possible bit of information in a tiny space. Displaying disorganized graphics is a common mistake exhibitors make. These graphics are difficult to understand and confuse the audience. To design attractive graphics, go for straightforward messages that are colourful and creative. Remember to leave some white space to keep the attention on the text.

4) Participating in the Wrong Shows

Not all trade shows are beneficial, some can turn out to be useless for your goals. It is difficult to figure out which trade show is worth participating in and which is not. To avoid this common mistake, consult other suppliers who are likely to participate or have previously participated in the same show and ask what’s their opinion. If you find that they were not able to generate leads through this event, then don’t waste your time on it.

Making mistakes isn’t a problem as long as you learn from them. The best way to avoid these errors is to make preparations and be clear on your goals. Follow a specific strategy and check your to-do list to make the most of any event. All the best!