5 Different Types of Trade Show Flooring Options

While designing a trade show booth, there little space for errors. You need to be ahead of your competitors. Every element of your booth must be optimized including space, staff, giveaways, furniture, banners and displays.

One element that often remains overlooked is the flooring. A well-coordinated floor that complements the booth design can make your trade show displays stand out.

A wide array of trade show flooring options is available for exhibitors. Each gives a different appearance and makes the booth visually appealing.

Here are 5 trade show booths flooring options.

1) Interlocking PVC Tiles

One of the most popular flooring options is interlocking PVC tiles. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and can be easily fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. They are lightweight, durable and comfortable to talk on. You can experiment with these tiles by changing the colours to create many different looks, such as a chessboard. No need to reinstall all the tiles, simply take one out and replace it with the other.

2) Carpets

Carpets are the simplest flooring option for a trade show booth. They are available in many varieties at different rates. Installing a carpet gives your booth a finished look while remaining comfortable.

3) Rollable Bamboo

Rollable bamboo flooring can be swiftly put together and dismantled. Ideal for trade shows, this type of flooring offers both visual appeal and easy installation. They mimic wooden bamboo floors and can be customized to fit any size booth. Eco-friendly, easy to clean and durable, rollable bamboo flooring gives an earthy look to the booth.

4) Artificial Turf

Ideal for creating a theme based look, artificial turf is mostly used by companies dealing with outdoor furniture, lawn care, sports or landscaping. This flooring is sturdy and gives a grass-like appearance. If you want to give an eco-friendly look to your trade show booth, then artificial turf is the right choice.

5) Raised Wood

The most commonly used flooring option for trade show booths is raised wood. It’s easy to install and gives a formal look to the booth. Finance and real estate companies that want to give a sophisticated appearance to the booth prefer raised wood flooring. It is available in various styles and wooden textures and can be placed with a metal frame.

While choosing your booth flooring, consider your company’s strategy, industry, appearance, and functionality. If you want a formal look, then go for wooden flooring. If you want a finished look, then choose carpet flooring. Be ready for the next event with a stylish and practical flooring option.