5 Shocking Facts for Canadians Exhibiting in USA

Planning to plunder the US market? Work at a Canadian company, which participates in a trade show in the USA? Allow us to bring forward laudable facts that can stun you.

  1. Union Labor is a Must For Almost all Trade Shows

Every USA trade show needs you to use union labor. Surprising as it might be for all Toronto trade show clients who are exhibiting south of the Canadian border for the first time; the rule is neither flexible nor negotiable. While a few shows have rules of allowing you to do less than 30 minutes of work, only without tools, most exhibitors will yet have to pay the union employees to set up their booth. Both complexities and costs shoot up as a result.

  1. The USA Show’s General Contractor for Union Labor is not a Mandate

Even though usage of Union Labor is essential, it does not mean the labor has to be provided by show management itself. You are allowed to use your own labor crew; specifically, a crew that is acquainted with the functioning of the booth. This special crew is called Exhibitor Appointed Contractor or EAC. The exhibitor only needs to submit an EAC request form 30 days prior to the show. This form is available on the show’s website.

Whoever you use as your exhibit provider, make sure they know what they are getting into.

  1. You are not Required To Rent from a USA Show’s Other Vendor

There is a huge misconception of a mandate of using the show’s other vendors for other essentials, like the AV rentals, furniture rentals and others. That is not really the case though. There might be other sources of great trade show services.

  1. The Exhibits and Crates Sent to a USA Advance Warehouse can be Further Difficult to Locate.

Finding crates in the USA might not be as easy as locating crates in Canada. At a Canadian show, people are fairly relaxed, so you can just stroll into that crate storage area and find your stuff, before or during the show. In USA you might land in a marshalling yard, trying to locate your crate; in which case they are either inaccessible or impossible to be physically removed from the convention center.

  1. Cost And Hassles of Shipping and Customs can be Easily Avoided when Exhibiting at a USA Trade Show

This is the most important and valuable take away point for you. There are numerous pieces to consider when exhibiting cross-border. Shipping and customs is just a part of this huge process; and there process called renting which we will introduce you to.

Trade show displays are available on rent and customization with any company branded graphics for you to stand out on the floor without the hassles of customs and shipping.

When in a meeting with any overseas exhibitor we often find that these are the top 5 facts that bring a feeling of shock and awe. Now that you know these facts, you can even ask your company to bring your desired stuff even in the United States.

Good luck and happy exhibiting!