5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Booth Promo

Generating a positive ROI from any trade show booth is tough for any business.

Should it be?

The benefits of exhibiting at a trade show will surpass any marketing or growth technique. Trillions of business deals happen at any trade show every year. The biggest and the best definitely have the edge, but not all are successful. Why is that?

A few businesses know the secret recipe of networking at tradeshows. It is no secret though, it simply means trade show success is measured by the amount of effort you put in them.

#1 – First impression means everything

The first impression about anything is made by a perceiver in almost one tenth of a second. One fifth of a second is enough to make an opinion about a website and 94% of this is design related. The creative trade show booths can offer huge advantage in this regard. Every business will have to understand, how brand imagery determines consumer opinion. Not every company has a big budget, but there is one thing they must never leave on chance, that is to make their exhibits stand out.

#2 – People do what they see

Any booth with the largest crowd will automatically have customers lining up. But having that sort of a crowd generated might not always be possible. To have the buzz around the booth going, have a few employees dress up as attendees and surround the booth at all points. But you must also have enough people at all points to engage anyone who shows interest in your products.

#3 – Extend the reach

Hand out big stickers, light up trinkets or wearables; and turn it into a contest. Tell people more they wear it, greater are chances of winning something big at the end of the event. These are great because the more people you get to wear them, the more will view them and want them. It is also a great conversation starter for attendees.

#4 – Pre-show booth meetings

Utilize the trade show display by pre-show marketing. Most of the magic happens in here. There are a lot of firms reaching out to attendees 4-6 weeks before a show. Make it more about them and less about you. This time is all about networking, not selling.

#5 – Tricks of the trade

Most trade shows have exhibitors with the same target audience as you. So, why not trade in the leads and contacts that are not so useful for them? This is one of the best trade show tips when it comes to ROI. Sales opportunities are instantly doubled. Partner with brands selling different products and services, in the same target market.

Unique ideas get the most buzz, but only if the strategy is in harmony with the industry you are in. Going big and extravagant is of no use unless there is a purpose. The biggest brand success stories come from companies who make the most out of their promotional campaigns.