5 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Trade Show Booth

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Be it a smartphone in your hand or a satellite in space, technology is making our lives easier in every possible way. It can generate buzz and catch attention. Therefore, incorporating some tech elements into your trade show booth is a good idea for businesses.

There’s a wide variety of technological components you can use at the next trade show to appeal to a wider audience and generate leads. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

1) Digital Presentation

Educating visitors about your brand and the product through digital presentation is a smart move. It helps in building brand awareness and demonstrating the product to everyone present at the booth. Place video monitors, big TV screens or a video wall at or near your booth and play the presentation in a loop. You can also play live streams on the monitors when something important is taking place at your booth, such as a product launch.

2) Giant Smartphones

Interactive displays such as a giant smartphone allow the visitors to actively participate in the product promotion. Invite the attendees to touch the giant screen and explore different aspects of the product. It is a great way of demonstrating the product and engaging the audience.

3) Charging Stations

Visiting several booths and looking at various trade show exhibits is time-consuming. Attendees need a place to relax and charge the ‘technology’ they are dependent upon, their smartphones. Create a small lounge area at your booth with charging points and a TV screen displaying your products or services and the trending hashtags of your company. People can relax, charge their cell phones and go through your brand message.

4) Technology with an X factor

Among various eye-catchy displays at the trade show, your booth needs to have an X factor to grab the audience’s attention. Ditch the traditional banners and switch to LED lighting, digital signage, and laser shows to get an edge. Combining technology with creativity can draw audience attention towards your booth and products.

5)  Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a necessity for every business to spread its reach. Create a mobile application and ask the attendees to download it to get special giveaways from your booth. Visitors can use that mobile application to locate your booth and get attractive offers on your products and services. It can help in sending push notifications and winning potential customers.

Incorporation of technology into trade show booths is the latest trend to attract the visitors. Look for more avenues where you can use technology to effectively implement your marketing strategies. If you want assistance in creating trade show exhibit presentations, then call us at 1-888-594-7333.