5 Ways to Revive Your Old Trade Show Exhibits

Have you been using the same outdated trade show exhibits year after year? Don’t you think it needs an update?

Customer demand and preferences change with time and so do trade show trends. Using the old booth at every trade show isn’t very effective in today’s competitive environment. It’s one of the primary reasons for the declining number of lead generation.  To keep pace with the changing trends and to make your trade show exhibits both enticing again, an upgrade is necessary.

Here are 5 ways to give your trade show booth a new look.

1) Add Some Space

A cramped booth can limit your exhibit’s versatility. Add more space to your trade show booth by expanding the carpet area. For example, if you’re using 10×10 feet booth space, then switch to an island booth of 20×20 feet. You can utilize this extra space to add elements, like a theatre, an activity area or a meeting area.

2) Change the Graphics

Changing the graphics of your banner stands and pop-up displays regularly is necessary. Brands evolve over time and products, services, schemes and offers also change. Print new graphics on the old frame to match with newly launched products and new brand strategies of the company. You can also change the placement of the banners to freshen the exhibit design.

3) Incorporate New Furniture

Adding some interesting furniture to your booth that goes with your business’ aesthetics can give the space a renovated appearance. Skip the plastic tables and folding chairs and incorporate some theme-based furniture. It creates a sense of balance and comfort, while also attracting attendees to your exhibits.

4) Creative Flooring

The flooring of the trade show booth is an essential element that’s often overlooked. You can customize the flooring with your brand logo, use 3D printing or replace carpet with synthetic grass to give an enticing look to the booth.

5) Hang a Sign

Want to get noticed from a longer distance? Hang a sign from the ceiling and be visible to all show attendees. Doing so will make it easier for attendees to find your booth and will also make it immediately noticeable whenever anyone looks up.

Trade show exhibits should change over time and reflect the evolving image of the company. With just a few additions to the exhibit design can give you an edge at a trade show. Make these updates for the next event and see the difference.