7 Blogs to Read Before Going to a Trade Show

Did you know that trade show leads costs 38% less than compared to a phone lead. In fact, 83% of trade fair attendees have some type of purchasing power.

It’s always wise to get tips from market leaders in order to have a successful trade show event. Here are some blogs that can do wonders for your event:

  1. Trade Show News Network – Enlightening people on trade show news since 1996, TSNN is the most consulted trade show event database on the internet. It entertains readers with data from about 25000 trade shows, public events, conferences and exhibitions. They have a large database of 137,000 registered users and 140,000 newsletter subscribers.
  2. Bizbash – Planning to exhibit in North America? Follow Bizbash for the latest stories in trade show events. Every month, this blog educates 225,000 visitors for event styling, venue discovery, and the various tools and technology needed for your next event.
  1. Skyline Trade Show Tips – Since 1980, Skyline has been the leader for event experiences and displays. They have inspired and educated many by their interesting and educating topics. It also has 128 design centres spread across 31 countries and 1500 members.
  1. TradeShowGuy Blog – Tim Patterson is the individual behind the TradeShowGuy blogs. With 15 years experience in the industry, Tim’s way of education is thoughtful, informative and hilarious. If you ever need an expert opinion by someone years of knowledge who in the field, then Tim Patterson is your “guy”.
  1. Melissa Michel, – Trained under Kim Garst in 2012, Melissa Michel (Orlando, Florida) is another active event manager and social media management executive, looking to enlighten the world on Social Media services within the event industry. Her extensive 20 years experience lets her deliver a fresh and unique approach to trade show problems.
  1. Bizzabo – Since 2012, Bizzabo has been generating buzz with sponsors, attendees, organizers and trade show exhibitors. Making professional events far more impactful, successful and rewarding, they offer innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology straight from industry leaders.
  1. Bartizan Connects – Bartizan developed its first database for the tradeshow industry in 1996. They’re a leader in lead capture technology and if you wanted to explore never new ideas, then you should read their blog.

Trade shows can be a successful event for marketing the products and services of any firm. These blogs can make it easier for people with little experience to have their booth perform very well.

Do you have some more names to add to this list? Let us know.