Different Accessories that We Offer:

Engaging Accessories That Engage Your Audience

Once you have decided on the kind of exposure you want at the trade show you would have decided on the type of trade show booth as well. A well chosen design suited to your purpose will help you generate interest in your customer’s mind and also help draw more visitors to the booth. While the design of the booth is important in deciding the success of your trade show exhibit, accessories play a huge role in completing the entire look.
We at Exhibit Express offer effective and engaging accessories that enhance the look of your stall and help engage your visitors.

Our accessories can be mixed and matched with our entire line of products to create unique designs and effective functionality.

Customize your show with our line of trade show accessories

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Advantages of Using Trade Show Booth Accessories

  • Create unique booth designs
  • Create a complete look
  • Create extra storage space in your booth
  • Ensure functionality
  • Vibrant colors create customer engagement
  • Add your company logo to customized flooring

Colours and Designs That Blend Looks and Functionality

We understand your needs

Exhibit Express has been helping businesses organize trade shows and maximize their ROI for many years and we know exactly what you want. Our experience in helping our clients set up trade show stalls over the years has taught us to understand the needs of the business and offer suggestions accordingly.

Our team of expert architects and designers will create designs that are hard-hitting in a subtle manner. Our designs communicate your message effectively in a blend of vibrant colors and designs that are in tune with your brand’s communication strategy.

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