Attractive Table Top Displays Can Make Your Booth Look Unique

Do you believe that big budgets only can make for great trade show booths? Well don’t; creativity and functionality in a display goes a long way.

For a start-up business, competing in this area might be difficult. A start-up won’t have the pockets or the brand legacy of bigger businesses. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Table top displays come in every size and they are highly customizable. Best of all, they are affordable.

What Makes Table Top Displays So Remarkable?

  • You don’t have enough in the budget to rent a big display booth? That’s okay. Get a small table top display and make it flashy by making it your own.
  • Table top displays are great when you want to make an immediate impression. By being raised on a table, a table top display gains a depth lacking in traditional 2-D adverts. This gives it a pop which makes it easily distinguishable.
  • The graphic can be made in fabric or mural displays.
  • Because it sits on an expandable frame, it takes little time to set-up. The spacer and channel bars are easy to adjust and can be expanded and contracted quickly.
  • The supporting frame is composed of light-weight metal and can be transported in easy-to-carry kits. There is no need to hire extra labour or a vehicle to move them from location to location.
  • The graphic panels can be crafted in different designs, colors and sizes. So when you are headed to multiple trade fairs, you’ll always have the perfect display.

Best Practice to Get the Most from Your Display

Although one of the benefits of a table top display is the degree of customization, there are a few ways to ensure your message is effective.

For example, it’s always wise to make the most of the space you have. Textual information should be minimal. Try to present written information in a list or bullet style when possible. This makes it easier for your customers to absorb.

Images should be placed at a balanced position to add more meaning to your main message. You can also include some accessories like LED lights or spotlights to highlight your displays.

Remember, in a trade show everyone is competing for attention. Having a bigger marketing budget or brand name doesn’t mean you’ll be more successful. Creativity can do more for your display when used strategically. This is way table top displays are so efficacious. A table top display provides your brand the opportunity to come alive at any trade show through its level of customization.