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10 Awesome Ways to Build Your Brand at Trade Shows

What is your objective when you exhibit at a trade show? Are you showcasing your products and services? Are you trying to build brand awareness? In either case, trade shows are a perfect platform for establishing your brand and showcasing what you have in store for consumers. However, standing out at a big event can be challenging. After all, you aren’t the only exhibitor. That is why you should have a proper marketing strategy in place, along with other elements such as trade show displays, booth Read more [...]

How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Trade Show

Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to make your presence felt in your industry. To make your trade show performance a success, you should focus on impactful exhibits and a strong marketing strategy. However, there is one more thing you should use effectively to drive more traffic to your booth. That important element is digital marketing through social media platforms. Social media has tremendous potential to engage consumers. According to one survey, internet users spend an average Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Consistency

‘Consistency is the key.’ Businesspeople always preach this when it comes to branding. But have you ever wondered why? Brand consistency is an important part of any marketing strategy and is a sure way to win people’s trust. Now, how are you planning to do that? The first step is to make potential customers feel like they know your company. This is possible primarily through brand consistency. That includes putting out similar messaging through logos, colours, typography, marketing content, Read more [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Trade Show Booths

The layout of your booth can play a major role in the success you have at a trade show. This is because if your booth is visible and accessible, attendees are more likely to visit it.  A prime location at a trade show increases your chance of grabbing the attention of visitors and creating an impression. Choosing a proper trade show booth layout is equally important and is only possible if you know the different types. Wondering where to begin? In this post our experts walk you through several types Read more [...]

Trade Show Etiquette 101

From planning and designing your booth to training staff, every aspect of your trade show booth experience should be thought out prior to event day. But exhibitors too often overlook the importance of booth staff training, and the results can be dissatisfactory at best. Wondering why? Picture yourself as an attendee entering a trade show booth staffed by people who are unprofessional and way too casual in their behavior. Would you even enter that booth? Or even if you enter, would you stay? That’s Read more [...]