Custom Hybrid 29

Custom Designed Hybrid 20 20 Displays for Effective Communication

Customized Looks for a Unique Statement

Custom trade show displays are created only for you. No cluttered design or similar looks with your competitor’s designs. Corporate aim for a unique look in the trade shows and exhibitions attend, and our custom displays efficiently bring out the flavor of your brand and underline your statement boldly. The end result is eye-catching displays that stand out in the crowd and uphold your brand like no other.


Hybrid 20ft Island 29 offers a modern design and upscale functionality, perfectly fit for an experienced exhibitor looking for a high end exhibit display offering  features along with function. Hybrid 20ft Island 29  is a modular exhibit display 20ft x 20ft island exhibit design which offers a wonderful array of features and an upscale modern look. The central floor display is nearly 8ft high and 8ft wide and offers three product shelves on each side. A locking door on the side of this central structure is intended for accessible and secure storage. The triangular shaped fabric side walls offer an upscale, angular appearance.

If you wish, watch our brief video outlining this incredible product offering here:

Formulate® Fabric Backwall, Structures, & Exhibit Kits Overview – YouTube