How to Design an Effective Banner for Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a great platform for businesses to attract leads. Different companies compete with each other to get the attention of the trade show goers. The focus is to offer something different that entices the attendees to visit your booth.

The design of your trade show banner plays a pivotal role in catching attention. The graphic elements, colours, slogans, are all integral parts that differentiate your brand.

If you are designing your trade show banners for the next event, then consider the following points.

1) Avoid Too Much Artwork

An artistic approach is good for a banner design, but an excess of anything is bad. Instead of using too many small images and graphics on the banner, stick to one large static image. Multiple images will give a cluttered look and distract the viewer’s attention, whereas one big image will act as a focal point and give a stronger visual impact.

2) Use Simple and Crisp Messages

The marketing messages displayed on the banner must be simple and easy to read. The fonts must not be complicated, so have very few words displayed and focus on having messages with a crisp language instead. Give a clean look to the banners to maximize the effect. Too much written text makes it harder for the viewers to read from a distance.

3) Be Bold with the Colours

Many businesses prefer to choose colours that complement their corporate logos. However, experimenting with colours to create contrasts is an effective way of catching the attention of trade show goers. Match dark with light or vice versa, but don’t use more than 2 or 3 bold colours. Exaggerated use of colours can make your trade show exhibits look chaotic.

4) Leave Some White Space

Filling up the space with too many elements will give a crowded look and confuse viewers. Leaving a generous amount of negative or white space on the banner is essential to keep the focus on the main message. It will make the design more attractive and readable.

While designing your trade show banner, try to focus on making it less complicated and more understandable. Create a focal point for the attendees, rather than confusing them with too many elements. An effective banner design is all about being simple for a lasting impression.