Trade Show Banners – Different Ways to Think About it

Trade shows are madness. But the fun begins, when there is beauty in this madness. Amidst all the struggle and chaos, it is essential for a trade show banner to stand out among all others. And to do this one needs signage. The flexibility offered by a trade show, usually leaves a door wide open. To help you here are ways to understand what the banner should look like to perform their best:-

Trade show banner

  1. Decor banners

The main point of attraction in any trade show booth has always been its decor. This should also be top priority for people working in the booth. It is also an opportunity to get face to face with all your prospects and even walk them through the entire product line of the company. Potential clients need to be engaged in the booth at all times, grabbing and absorbing the sales messages. The decor banners set the mood of this interaction, in your booth.

  1. Name Tag banners

These are the most frequently used banners in trade shows. This sign usually is simply a logo and a slogan.

Every booth must have a banner with this logo designed very prominently. However the name tag sign is a style where only the name of the company is present. This solution is usually very versatile wielding a great deal of staying power. This helps enhance memory longevity.

  1. Menu banners

If there are multiple services or products, it is not uncommon to get them displayed in a menu banner. For example a firm that sells floral arrangements might have a banner that lists all and set up a banner with all its event arrangements, such as prom, weddings, anniversaries etc.

Menus are essentially fine displays. They spread awareness among people as to what the service is, in a nutshell. If a menu banner is all you are planning, then try and avoid putting in places and names. Try to incorporate as much of benefits as possible. All in all one must ensure that when a customer walks away from the booth, they must have complete knowledge about you and your services. For the florist example it will be flower prices and quality.

  1. Campaign banners

Trade show banners are usually part of an organization’s advertising campaign. In such instances, it becomes important to carry the campaign message through the trade show banner, in order to reinforce the messages that are being delivered to the mass media. Campaign banners as well as the booth as a whole, must be re-imagined as a petting zoo, to get the best of brand value to the visitors. You want your visitors to actually connect with the brand. This way when they find similar messages in the media, these people will be able to relive the sensory experiences they have had at the show.

Trade shows can be demanding, exhausting and daunting. These are also one of the few places wherein highly qualified prospects as well as like-minded consumers go on to get the best of what the show has to offer.