How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth During an Event

In the age of digital media and experiential marketing, expectations run high and attention spans tend to shrink. It takes pre-planning with the help of creative thinking, along with a direct approach if you want your brand to be noticed. This is especially true when you are competing for attention at a trade show.

At a trade show, it’s essential to follow the right strategies and implement effective techniques that increase booth traffic. If you have a trade show event lined up, then here are 3 surefire ways to drive traffic to your booth.

Product Presentation

  • In every aspect of life, people are looking for an experience. Having your booth focus on providing an experience is a great way to showcase your brand. People will remember the experience more than the same old sales pitch which they are likely to receive at many of the booths. You could incorporate a VR or a photo booth to make your booth interactive.
  • Your attire matters more than you think as it is the first thing the attendees notice while passing by or approaching your booth. Try to wear bright colours to stand out, especially if you’re booth is mostly neutral colours.
  • Choose a theme for your booth to get instant attention. Get your staff dressed in fun, quirky t-shirts that stand out and create a curiosity so that the attendees want to visit your booth to check out the company and the product.
  • Apart from the attire, props play a crucial role in making you stand out from the rest of the participants. For example, set up a roulette wheel at your booth. Ask the attendees to spin the wheel and do the trick written on the wheel to win exciting prizes.


  • Exhibits which have the most booth traffic are always the ones who have interesting activities. Hands-on practical demonstrations are one of the most effective ways to charm visitors. It’s a great idea to allow the attendees to use the products or watch them being operated. This increases the chances of them doing business with your brand.
  • A planned demonstration is all about showing visitors what your service/product is capable of. It’s best to follow a schedule throughout the event so everyone can plan and attend. For instance, if you’re a cosmetic product manufacturing company, then set up a mini beauty salon at your booth. Allow the attendees to get various beauty services at your booth and try your products for free. You can get an edge by distributing free mini samples to the visitors who share their feedback with you. It’s a great way to demonstrate your product as well as promote it among the users.

Social Media

  • Make full use of social media to drive traffic to your booth. Use Facebook Live feature to post live videos of various activities at the booth.
  • Create a buzz on social media before the event by announcing a special offer for the visitors. For example, the first 20 visitors will get a special gift at the booth or during the event, tweet your followers that the next 20 visitors will get your product at 20% discount.

The most important tip of all is to have friendly staff. Regardless if they’re focused on presenting or demonstrating products, if your staff isn’t smiling and knowledgeable, your brand won’t make much traction. The above-mentioned tips will aid in achieving your goal of driving traffic to your trade show booth, just ensure the right staff is hired and given the right training. Good luck!