Everything You Need to Know About Brand Consistency

‘Consistency is the key.’ Businesspeople always preach this when it comes to branding. But have you ever wondered why? Brand consistency is an important part of any marketing strategy and is a sure way to win people’s trust. Now, how are you planning to do that? The first step is to make potential customers feel like they know your company. This is possible primarily through brand consistency. That includes putting out similar messaging through logos, colours, typography, marketing content, promotional displays like banners and display stands, and corporate values. Once customers can recognize and remember you, your brand is successfully established, and it is established through consistency.

Still unclear? Keep reading this blog post to find out more about brand consistency.

What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the practice of delivering messages in sync with your company’s core values in a similar tone right from its inception. In addition, visual branding elements such as pop-up displays, banner stands, advertisements (both offline and online) should employ the same colours, fonts and graphics used in your logo. Apart from the visual elements, you should also be consistent in the services you provide your customers. In this way, people will trust your brand and recognize you amidst your competitors.

Why Is It Important?

Brand consistency is important for these reasons:

  • Builds your brand image

When you maintain consistency in showcasing your brand, you build your image. From advertisements to messaging to graphics, all these elements used over the years will not only bring consistency but also make your brand stand out.

  • Creates brand awareness

Using the same graphics, images, texts and other elements in offline and online platforms over time makes people aware of your brand. This is especially applicable if you are new to a particular industry. To that end you should post the same advertisements or run campaigns frequently to ensure you are visible to potential customers.

  • Helps customers to remember

Consistent branding at frequent intervals helps your customers remember you. It is wise to run advertisements and participate in exhibits regularly, not just on special occasions.

  • Builds trust

Trust is not built in a day. Indeed, it can take years. You might wonder why you need to run the same advertisements where the outcome seems to be negligible. Well, you might not realize its impact now, but it this practice does impact customers. Consistent branding makes people notice your brand, and, in this way, you can win their trust, too.

  • Increases revenue

Did you know that brand consistency can increase your company’s revenue? It is believed that similar brand colours can increase your brand’s recognition by 80%. That is why when you are advertising or running campaigns offline or online, make sure you use the same logos, images, graphics, messages and voice of communication.

How to Maintain Brand Consistency?

These are a few ways to maintain brand consistency:

  • Create a brand strategy

A brand cannot work without a strategy. That is why you should study your brand properly, including its personality, values, promises and audiences. You should also know where you stand in comparison with your competitors.  Draw up a plan and stick to it in order to make an impact on your audience.

  • Make a brand identity kit

There will be times when you will approach third-party organizations, such as digital marketing agencies, freelancers and other agencies, to help you build your business. That is when a brand identity kit will come in handy. These state everything about your brand, including its strategy, logo, colours, guidelines, typography and graphics. This kit will make all your contract workers aware of your agenda and help them maintain your company’s uniformity both graphically and ideologically.

  • Keep a clear line of communication internally

When your company is big, it is of course divided into different departments. That is why having a central location where everyone can access the company’s guidelines is crucial. Many companies employ file-sharing tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and pCloud. These are cloud-based storage platforms that can store important documents and make internal communications easier. All employees, for instance, can be notified simultaneously when there are changes in your branding strategy.

A brand becomes valued and recognized when it has existed within its industry for several years. To this end, brand consistency, with its repetitive use of colours, typography, graphics, images, messaging and voice of communication, is necessary. This form of repetition may feel boring, but it is a sure way to make a lasting and positive impression on customers. So, plan a good strategy, be persistent and stick to it. The eventual result will be increased revenue.