Graphics Designing Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows and fairs are great venues to make new connections and promote your company to new audiences. On average, brands have a very short time frame to communicate their vision and message to any passersbys at the trade shows, making engaging graphics a necessity. The graphic design of your banners highlights your company’s goals and position compared to your competitors.

Graphics Designing Tips for Successful Trade Show

This post discusses various tips which will help you improve your display graphics so that it attracts more people to your booth.

  • Determine your target clients

Conduct surveys and identify the prospective clients to understand their product requirements. This will help you to determine what services and products to highlight during the exhibition. Design the banners and graphics so that they highlight these services. By catering to potential buyers, you can also filter out those who are uninterested. This will save a lot of time for the team and quality communication with the potential clients will be maximized.

  • Positioning the displays

Placement of the graphics, banners and display screen must be planned well. There should be an overall harmony, so they can convey a strong message about your company. Consider the size of the displays and its content to plan the designs. They should be visible from a considerable distance to the viewers. Print the images and position them on the substrate to get a better idea about its influence on the overall booth. The target is to have the optimum impact of all the displays together, on the viewers.

  • Colour coordination is the key

Colours have a profound impact on the human psyche and the right use of them can influence your buyers and attract them to your exhibition. Study the different colours and how they influence the viewers. Make sure to coordinate the shades so they complement each other. Depending on the kind of product you have, your company logo and the impression you want to create among the buyers, the banner graphics and its colour coordination must be determined accordingly.

  • Less is more

Displays that are easy to read, look sophisticated and clean will always win attention. Your banners and display screens should serve their primary function, that is, conveying the company’s agenda. Avoid cluttering too many ideas and images on a single display as this can be confusing to the viewers. It also sends out a negative message when the banner looks unprofessional due to the confusing design. Remember to keep the primary message at eye level so that it is easily prominent to the viewers.

  • Ensure there’s enough lighting

Even the best display planning fails if the lighting is not set right. The brightness and the position of the light together ensure the visibility of your trade show booth. Avoid focusing the light directly on the banner as it will reflect, making reading difficult. Position the lights on the sides of the banners so that it is diffused and easy on the eyes. You can use a combination of backlit laminate panels, overhead lighting and accent lights to highlight different parts of the displays.

There is a plethora of possibilities in graphic designing when you are creative and have an eye for offbeat ideas. High-quality displays together with striking graphics will draw numerous visitors to your booth. If you’re looking to rent or invest in quality displays, Exhibit Express can be your one-stop destination.