The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Trade Show Booths

The layout of your booth can play a major role in the success you have at a trade show. This is because if your booth is visible and accessible, attendees are more likely to visit it.  A prime location at a trade show increases your chance of grabbing the attention of visitors and creating an impression. Choosing a proper trade show booth layout is equally important and is only possible if you know the different types. Wondering where to begin? In this post our experts walk you through several types of trade show booths to help you make an informed decision.

  1. 1. Corner Booths

Visibility drives booth traffic. A corner booth in particular can enhance your recognition at events. This is because these booths are visible in two separate aisles and increase foot traffic more than you ever imagined. Wondering how? Being located at the intersection between aisles means that show visitors can catch a glimpse of your booth even when they are just passing by. Furthermore, these booths are comparatively open, meaning visitors can browse the exhibit comfortably. This kind of booth can be more expensive than others for these very reasons.

  1. 2. Island Booths

An island booth is a prime booth type. It stands on its own and has aisles on all four sides. This layout gives you enough scope to make your brand stand out from the crowd. In fact, this layout’s wide-open space helps draw traffic to your booth. This lets you attract attendees longer than neighbouring exhibitors. However, if you plan to choose this booth type, you may want to consider a co-marketing partner as it is costlier than others. This way, you can divide the cost and the collaboration can benefit both you and for your partner.

  1. 3. Peninsula Booths

If you have a good-sized budget and are willing to invest a substantial amount of money in a unique layout, a peninsula booth may be the right choice. It is located on three aisles and the booth is backed on the last side. Similar to an island booth, this layout gives your brand a lot of exposure and drives traffic. That said, you can also engage with your attendees for longer and keep them potentially interested in your brand. As peninsula booths are highly spacious, you can design them the way you want. This combination of space and creativity can net you an outstanding result.

  1. 4. In-line or Linear Booths

These are the most common booth types. They are located at one side of the trade show and occupy one aisle. These booths lie in one row and are usually installed back to back. This makes it difficult to stand out and attract visitor attention because competitors are placed side by side. But with a creative marketing strategy, you can create a positive impact among attendees. Taking a location closer to the hot spot of the event can also get you recognized. This booth type is appropriate if you have a limited budget.

  1. 5. Cross-Aisle Booths

Cross-aisle booths run perpendicular to the main aisle of the show floor and are situated at the intersection point. To get this kind of booth, you should purchase both exhibits on either side of the aisle. They are always high in demand as they are located at a prime spot visible to attendees from all sides. Moreover, you can advertise your brand through different trade show displays at various heights. By doing so, attendees can spot you from a distance, even before approaching your booth.

  1. 6. Perimeter Booths

Have you ever noticed a booth at the end of a trade show with a solid wall as the backdrop? That is called a perimeter booth and it is not as spacious as an island or a peninsula. There is, however, little restriction on the height of a perimeter booth so you can construct it according to your requirements to reach out to visitors. In fact, attendees often walk to the end of a trade show without even realizing it. You will definitely get noticed if you choose this booth type. Furthermore, the entire time visitors are walking the show floor, this booth is visible as it lies in their peripheral vision.

These are the most popular and common trade show booth layouts. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Before choosing one, be clear about your purpose and budget. While the purpose is usually to gain visibility for your brand and make an impact on attendees, your budget will vary. Be sure to evaluate these two factors properly in order to choose the exhibit booth that best suits you.