Halloween Inspired Trade Show Booths – Word to the Wise

With the colors of Halloween still on our faces, and the props still looming large on our dressing tables; don’t we still have the urge in our hearts to have the tradition take over us all over again? The urge has not faded even now as we sit on our desks with our fresh coffee.

Halloween celebrates the tradition of warding off roaming ghosts from our midst. With this notion fresh in our minds, why can’t we ward off every fear of trade shows from our minds?

While a trade show booth has got almost nothing to do with Halloween, but just like life, we can relate Halloween to a lot of on-goings in trade shows. This might be hard to visualize, but let us just put on our Halloween props and get the Trade Show zeal back.

When thought of closely, there is much to learn from Halloween that trade shows can help with.

Bare Those Skeletons & Bones

Like every grave needs a tombstone, every booth will need to have a great nameplate. And to put up that signature-style badge for the booth, your objectives need to be clarified, so that the marketing and design team wizards can harness their energy as needed.

Twenty Feet Below

Spend your time researching. There is no better alternative than digging deep and going all the way down under. Any cut down in this section and you can look forward to blood-sucking expenses. End of the day, marketers have to understand, it is all about a balance between cost of the exhibition and sales derived.

So how do you start? Well, go twenty feet below. Start a year before. Put in all your resources; visit the exhibition a year before. See if it is at all worth your business. Get into Google, or explore via the forums of social media and any other platform you can think of. This will generate new learning opportunities, and help you recover from the traumas of the deadly investigations you have had previously.

One has to be brave, just like Halloween, but not headless so as to have their options exhausted, even before they had a blooming chance.

The Witch’s Spell on the First Impressions

You have put on the pointy hat, the broomstick is in its place, the cauldron is boiling and the charming accessories are all in place. Lost? We meant you have the booth in place, the displays are in place, every staff has been tutored on the nitty-gritty’s of the show. The role they are expected to play must be explained and supervised.

What else do you need to figure out? The pop-up stands, banner stands and display boards. It is important to allocate appropriate time and expenses to ensure the core of your objectives are successfully met. The exhibits must be perfected bit by bit and placed in advantageous positions.

No One Likes the Grim Reaper

Hold on to a positive attitude. No client wants to walk in a show (even after Halloween) to the most worried face in town. They are looking to a positive attitude and eagerness in the staff. They want to join hands with you. A positive attitude and a warm feel is what they need. Show them that you are happy that they have chosen your business, and in your existence in the business. Be completely sure about your products, for an uninhibited presentation.

The Zombie without the Blood

Just as a Zombie is incomplete without the pale look and blood oozing out, the exhibition is incomplete without proper props. Any big exhibition stand lends its success to the proper props that stand outside making way for the audience to actually catch in the glare. Accessories, such as portable counters and glare stands, make way for an audience to be exhilarated by the displayed information. As the dripping blood from the pale face makes the zombie horrifying, it is the audio visual additions like the TV Monitors and iPad that bring the audience in.

While these refer to the integral parts of designing a trade show, there are numerous other minute details that come to make Halloween special and help brighten up your trade show booths.

The Candy Makes the Day

Cool parents of the block, always have the best candy in stock. So should you, if you are looking to surpass all attention at a trade show. Try not to get directly inspired and give out candy though. Give way to key chains, mugs, pens, hats etc instead.

Dress Up to Stun Everyone

While Halloween is incomplete without the right wardrobe, proper dress up is also a must if you want to win hearts at any trade show. Go sophisticated yet professional. A professional tie becomes the cherry on the cake.

For Decorations – More is Better

Cobwebs, creepy lights and bats come together to make way for a thrilling Halloween décor. Equivalently proper backdrop, drapes, banners, bow tags, flooring and a lot other stuff makes way for the most perfect Trade show booth.

With trade shows looming large in every mind of the country, and Halloween still fresh in our hearts, we hope this was an inspiring read. If you can think of any other factor (after you are done arranging a Halloween themed trade show booth), let us know. We will be delighted to have inputs from you.

Till then, Happy Trade-ween everyone!