Modular Hybrid Displays

Modular Displays that Create Big Impact at Big Space

Modular display kits are mostly seen in the industry events and conferences, where space utilization should be maximum. At Exhibit Express, we design a wide array of modular display systems that communicate your message to the potential audience thus improving your point of sale. Each of our products features an innovative design with utmost flexibility. Being adaptable, these exhibit displays can be reshaped or simply expanded as the show demands.























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Our modular display kits come with the following features:

  • Easy and Quick set up
  • Modular system that can be expanded, retracted or reshaped to suit different venues
  • Full color printed graphics
  • Variety of style and sizes
  • Flexible and Durable graphic panels
  • Bespoke designs
  • Wide Range of accessories
  • Kits come with cases
  • Rigid and rolling graphics

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Materials We Use

We manufacture exhibit displays that are innovative and highly effective in building your brand. Being eco-friendly in nature, these are made of fine millwork, fabric graphics, high quality lighting design, exclusive print solutions, and other recyclable features. We ensure that your brands get the best exposure in a competitive market. In other words, we help you create a lasting impression on your client’s mind.

Simple in Form, Powerful in Action

As mentioned earlier, these are highly effective for space utilization. Although sleek in its very designs, the customizable graphics made these functional from various aspects. While you can use high resolution images at full size, our modular display systems can hold blow up images of smaller products with utmost clarity. In fact, exhibitors have often used our products to showcase specific details of their products in the trade fairs.

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