What Makes Modular Displays an Excellent Choice for Trade Shows?

Modular displays are the go-to for entrepreneurs who are always on the move from one trade show to another. Designed to make the most of the available space, these displays are very useful for several reasons. They are lightweight, versatile, has classy designs, and budget-friendly. Choosing the right display to complement your campaign is a big decision and must be taken carefully. Modular displays are popular because they can be modified according to your requirement and the same set can be used repeatedly to create various different displays.

This post by your friends at Exhibit Express explains the different advantages of a modular display and why it is a suitable choice for most trade shows.

Modular Displays for Trade Shows

  1. Portable

Many trade shows are organized and executed at venues that are not easily accessible to every company. The main trouble is,

  • You have to carry the equipment, display stands and gadgets to and from the venue.
  • The traditional heavier displays styles have to be dissembled and carried separately.
  • The entire process becomes very labour-intensive and costly.
  • Equipment may get damaged on the way leading to additional expenses.

With modular displays, you can reduce these issues to a large extent, if not eliminate them entirely. These displays are designed such that,

  • They are lightweight, and the components can be very easily assembled and dissembled.
  • The design is simplistic with smooth and functional interlocks
  • Trade show representatives can easily assemble them and will not require skilled professionals for assistance.
  1. Durable

Modular displays are quite durable and can withstand the strain of repeated assembling and dissembling of the components. The frames are generally made of aluminium, fibreglass and similar hard materials which are long-lasting and does not damage easily. The fabric panels of the display are made from polyester and nylon- materials which are known for water resistance and toughness. Since these displays can withstand a lot, many entrepreneurs feel they are wise investments for the company. This is particularly true for companies which frequently attend trade shows.

  1. Flexible

Each trade show will offer you a different position and space on the floor according to which your display layout must be planned. The modular display allows you several set up options with one set of components, making it easier to plan the layout. Here are certain things that you can do with a modular display:

  • For a large display- use all the components which are available in your modular display kits. Larger displays have a better visibility and chance of stand out at large events.
  • Decreasing display size- you can easily reduce the size of the display according to the available space when you have a smaller booth by using the key components of the kit only while setting it up.
  • Different designs with the same kit- according to the demand of the event, your campaign strategy and available space, you can use different components of the kit to create unique displays and make the most of the confined space you have.
  1. Versatile

The versatility of modular displays set them apart from the traditional displays available. They have numerous characteristics like shelving, lighting, tabletops which are part of the kit. This makes them ideal for trade shows as you can modify the design favourably at different trade shows according to the space available.

Some useful configurations that you can get from a modular display are:

  • Multiple shelves attachments which let you display the products, pamphlets, books and other accessories that you wish to share with the visitors.
  • Tabletop attachments that can be used for display and as well as for setting up the computer, tablets and projectors which you may need for a complete campaign.
  • Lighting attachment within the display is available with modular display set-ups. These can be used in a variety of setups according to the requirement of your campaign.

You can use only the components and configuration that you need to set up a booth that best suits your available space because these displays are so versatile.

  1. Customizable

Since the components can be easily assembled, these displays boast a customizable interface which allows the users to tweak it according to the user’s requirements. Traditional custom-made trade show displays offer more variety in designs. However, many business owners look for convenience and customization together which is offered by modular displays. Getting a custom-made display for every trade show is expensive and not feasible for smaller companies which is why the ease to tweak the design offered by modular displays is an attractive feature for them.

You can easily,

  • Change components like the skin or display and use it with the same kit as required.
  • Alter the display by switching the skin specifically designed to address a particular issue or campaign.
  • Apply different sets of skins according to the location to convey a different message.
  • Enhance the skins according to the campaign requirements
  1. Affordable

It goes without saying that modular displays are comparatively more affordable than custom-made or simple traditional displays. The displays have a competitive price point and also helps to minimize major relevant costs. Here are few savings that are made possible by the modular display:

  • The labour charges are reduced or eliminated since these are lightweight and easy to carry and set up for anyone.
  • Transportation costs get reduced as only the components of the kit that will be necessary at the event are hauled to and from the venue.
  • The cost of hiring professionals to assemble and disassemble the display is eliminated when you opt for modular displays which can be easily assembled by anyone.
  • The kit can be used for creating multiple set-ups and hence the cost to rent or buy a second or more displays is eliminated when you already have a well-equipped and high-quality modular set-up.

If the budget is a primary concern, here are a few more tips which will help you to successfully campaign for your business at a trade show on a budget.

The positive features of modular displays make it an appropriate choice for large-scale as well as small-scale businessmen. The flexible design, durability and overall cost-effectiveness of these displays have boosted its popularity. If you are looking for something impactful and inspirational for your next trade show campaign, modular displays can be the answer to all your requirements.

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