Hybrid BASIC

Hybrid systems can make biggest impact when it comes to a tradeshow of international magnitude. Unique and innovative designs, exclusive graphics and extreme flexibility makes it an ideal choice for the exhibitors. While enhancing the booth’s space, hybrid system offers an instant appeal that attract your audience. And, the entire kits available at attractive price.

Hybrid Basic system offers ease of transport and utmost convenience in every possible ways. Setting up and dismantling the system is simple. Portability results in convenient shipment with the lowest lead time. Exhibitors can rent it out or can directly purchase it from us.

Each kit comes with the tools and hardware fittings that are required to assemble the display. The system includes a wide array of exclusive facilitates low voltage lighting. Hence, they are ideal for tabletops and booth counters. For extra support, the Hybrid Basic kit appeals in a sturdy shipping case.

Benefits of Buying or Renting Out Hybrid Basic System:

  • Well-designed aluminum structure
  • Exclusive 50 watt low voltage lighting
  • Aptly customized with High Quality Inkjet Graphic (from your Hi-Res File)
  • Shipping in a plastic molded case
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Design service available if needed