10 Foot Exhibit BASIC Wave Hybrid Display

Product Description

These are just a step-up from the standard pop-up displays. Designed from durable materials like Alumalite, this is undoubtedly a great attention grabber in a trade show event. Highly portable item (weighing just 200 lbs with cases), you can assemble and dismantle the product in the most hassle free way.

The backwall graphic area is 81” wide by 84” high. These are available on roll-on 1200DPI direct print or dye-sub fabric. To customize the product, an array of choices is available on canopy and frame colors. Frosted plex wings, laminates and headers are fitted.

Free standing counters are available, which are quite spacious to hold a computer workstation and lockable storage. The kit can also be re-deployed as per the requirements.


  • Height: 96 inches (243.84cm)
  • Width: 117 inches (297.18cm)
  • Depth: 22 inches (55.88cm)
  • Weight : 154 lb. (69.85kg