20 Foot Exhibit BASIC Wave Hybrid Display

Product Description

Exhibit BASIC Wave Hybrid Display System is durable and an apt addition for large-scale tradeshows and conference. The entire kit is the exhibitors’ favorite due to its great flexibility. It takes just a few minutes to assemble and dismantle the kit. It’s highly portable and hence, you can carry it as and when required.

Backwall Graphics are the major attraction of such exhibit displays. These are roll-on 1200DPI direct print or dye-sub fabric. However, the frame and canopy colors can be chosen at no additional cost. Frosted plex wings and headers are standard features but laminates or graphics are required to purchase separately.

Optional counters are also available with adequate space for computer workstation and lockable storage. The 20 ft display is open to customization and can be redeployed as per your requirements.


  • Height: 96 inches (243.84cm)
  • Width: 239 inches (607.06cm)
  • Depth: 22 inches (55.88cm)
  • Weight : 308 lb. (139.71kg)