Hybrid PRO

Portability has been one of the main features of the exhibit displays in the 21st century tradeshows. With fresh opportunities opening up, the entire world has now become a podium, which attracts exhibitors from different corners of the world. In many occasions, exhibitors need to travel frequently to far- off places with the entire display system. With Hybrid Pro range, you can travel hassle-free with all your tradeshow displays.

Hybrid Pro from the house of Exhibit Express promotes modular convenience to a great extent. This is designed exclusively for those who are interested in “custom look” in their exhibit displays. Highest portability makes them even more desirable.

Hybrid Pro displays are portable, unique and classy. The package includes a beautiful aluminum stand and inkjet graphics, which can be used in various ways as and when required . It comes with step-by-step guide, so that a novice can set it up without any assistance.