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Outdoor Communication Right Where Your Customers Are

Outdoor marketing is a great way of advertising your brand and establishing your brand’s voice. It allows you to place your communication in real time in spaces where your customers visit the most, like malls, lobbies, shops, fairs and trade shows, and also allows you to make a statement without getting lost in the crowd of other ads.

Outdoor communication through various solutions like banner stands and canopies offer visibility and convey your brand to visitors at the fair. Exhibit Express offers different varieties of banner stands, vinyl banners and canopies are part of our outdoor solutions that help you gain visibility even in a crowded place.

The different outdoor solutions we offer:

Simple Solutions… Effective Communications

Colorful designs, custom made to suit your needs, in high definition colors and vibrant designs communicate your message effectively. These are easy to install and are designed simply so you can set them up by yourself and yet extract maximum benefit out of it.

We offer single sided and double sided banner stands in various shapes so you can choose the one tailor made to suit your purpose.

We offer both horizontal and vertical banners.

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Different Sizes We Offer

Often business owners need banners for both outdoor and indoor communications to communicate their brand message. Banners suit the purpose perfectly for they draw the attention of your customer by virtue of their strategic placement. Outdoor banners as the name suggests are perfect for these events. Place a banner at the gate and at the entrance to your stall to maximise your ROI.

Take a look at the various sizes we offer:

  • 2 ft X 4 ft
  • 2 ft X 6 ft
  • 2 ft X 8 ft
  • 3 ft X 3 ft
  • 3 ft X 6 ft
  • 3 ft X 8 ft (the most common size)
  • 4 ft X 4 ft
  • 5 ft X 8 ft
  • 5 ft X 20 ft

… and many sizes more!

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