20 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Serpentine All Graphic Kit

Product Description

Show off your business to the world with the all new 20 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Serpentine All Graphic Kit. The big pop up display comes compactly packed in two cases that are attached to wheels. Easy to carry around and easy to set up, the kit contains case to podium conversion kits. These include two graphic conversion skirts in 1200 DPI resolution. The graphic murals are created to display high resolution images in vibrant colors and superior quality.The kit is easy to assemble and dismantle and you can do it yourself too. It also contains Magnetix instruction booklet for self-assembly. Two pairs of LED arm lights, conversion skirt and two Sintra table tops for the case-converted podiums also are added to the kit.


  • Height: 88”
  • Width: 238”
  • Depth: 65.5”
  • Weight: 172 lb.