8 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Graphic Kit

Product Description

Created for high resolution images, the 8 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Graphic Kit comes complete with everything that you will need to set up the display. A wheeled shipping case is provided with the kit so you can carry it anywhere. Installation and dismantling are also easy with the 4600 shipping case helps in collecting all the parts of the kit in one place. Set up and assemble your display quickly and easily magnetic locking frame offering support to the graphic banner. The graphic mural panels are of 1200 DPI ensuring high quality graphics and pictures in your pop up display.

The kit also includes LED lights, a six outlet power strip and instruction booklet for exhibitors conducting self-installation.


  • Height: 88”
  • Width: 98”
  • Depth: 26”
  • Weight: 78 lb.