8 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve Graphic/Fabric Kit

Product Description

The 8 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve Graphic includes mural panels that are of 1200 DPI resolution. This high resolution allows you to see vibrant colors and superior photo quality. The two end caps available with the kit come in a variety of color options to make your display more colorful. Vivid colors and smart graphics are a deciding factor for your success in the trade show where you set your stall. These pop up displays can be customized for your business and stall to give the maximum effect.

The kit comes with 3 graphic front panels and LED lights. Easy to handle, the kit can be assembled and dismantled easily by clients themselves.


  • Height: 88”
  • Width: 98”
  • Depth: 26”
  • Weight: 78 lb.