All about Shipping Exhibits to Trade Show Venue

Often exhibitors find themselves holding a trade show exhibit at a far off land. Then they have to get their entire trade show architecture shipped. Shipping inherently brings threats of small damages to big disasters. No one can expect their trade show exhibits to be shipped by the company in pristine condition.

Trade Show Exhibit 10x10

The prototype equipment might just roll off during transit. The truck carrying the exhibit might meet an accident. The carpet might be put in a pool of hydraulic oil, making it highly inflammable. Sharp object might poke through, leaving your wall panels and graphics looking like Swiss cheese. Not to mention leaked convention-center roofs, bruised or cracked monitors and numerous other issues.

In short, you can expect any catastrophe awaiting your trade show architecture. It is the duty of a trade-show manager to anticipate what can go wrong and also have a fix ready for the job.

Handle with Care

There are numerous steps one can take to mitigate damage to exhibits. You must always plan ahead, and incorporate all fail-safes in the exhibit design phase.

  • Opt for sturdy crates ($1000 – $1500 will easily be consumed in the process)
  • Use pallets to put – in your stuff
  • Have carpet-covered wood jigs inserted in your crates
  • For smaller far fragile components have cubbyholes built in the crate.
  • Stow the extra bubble wraps for rewrapping items when needed to be dismantled.
  • Heavy-duty, liquid and dirt repellent bags can be used to carry the carpets. In case these are not in your budget, wrap the carpet in construction plastic and ship it in a way where the rolls and pad are in place.
  • Bubble wrap and foam can be used for extra cushioning.
  • Padding and sturdy crate can be the best answer to a damage-free shipment. Labeling an item “Fragile” only makes it more of a target.

Either you put up for these extra supplies now or you can just have them brought over dismantled and damaged; and then pay for fixing it up.

A number of items can be used as quick fixes if there is a disaster befalling in your trade show exhibit. A few of these supplies can help you fix your box in case of a mishap,

  • Grease pencils and sharpie pens – Permanent markers are excellent options to fill in superficial chips for laminating. Grease pencils are mainly used for touch up scratches.
  • Spare laminate sheets – In case any of the laminated surfaces are damaged, an extra un-mounted sheet of laminate in the crate can be a lifesaver.
  • Touch-up paint and small brushes – If a deep chip is needed to level out the laminated surfaces a damaged, extra un-mounted sheet can often prove to be a lifesaver.
  • Eraser Pads – You can expect amazing results, if you use eraser pads to remove scuffs.

A trade show exhibit needs the company to be totally alert at all points of time. Shipping is a task that should not meet with slightest of neglect. So, invest wisely on packing and shipping. Thereafter, you can reap the benefits of your wisdom.