Why Temporary Tents are the Best Ways to Market Your Trade Shows?

There is no business, in the face of earth, that does not speak about the numerous advantages amassed through trade shows. This happens to be one of the most popular marketing tools offering you matchless opportunities to meet numerous new customers; letting you build stronger relationships and introducing you to new products and services. They let you build stronger relationships with others in the industry and helps share knowledge.

Most importantly, attending trade shows can be one of the most powerful ways to capture your leads, facts that you otherwise would not have access to. But did you know that setting up a temporary trade show tent can have a huge impact on the success of the event.

Trade shows are important to businesses of any size or scale as they help businesses reach a wider audience with added personal touch and far more convenience.

Why are Trade Events Important for Any Business?

  1. B2B exhibitions account for 39.2% of the entire marketing budgets of B2B.
  2. 81% of all people attending trade shows have buying authority.
  3. 78% of trade show attendees are said to have been travelling more than 400 miles to attend these exhibitions. This means a business mostly gets national audience at trade shows.
  4. 99% of these trade show marketers stated to have found unique value from trade shows, which they were unable to get from other marketing mediums.
  5. An average attendee spends around 8.3 hours viewing the exhibits at an exhibition.

Thus, presentation comes to be a very important factor in any trade show event. Setting up any trade show event is no easy task. Only a professional can bring in that eye-catching look. Here are a few tips on making your tent stand out from the others.

Preparing Your Tent

The Insides

  • Displays must be positioned to engage passing visitors within just 3 seconds.
  • Use colors in the interior that complement the psychology of your target audience.
  • The display must reflect the industry’s mission and brand, with heavy focus on graphics.
  • Space out the messages and images to facilitate easier read.
  • Ensure all printed display material has contrasting text and background colors.
  • Make sure the brand message and design is consistent throughout the tent.
  • Every artwork has to be simple, decipherable and recognizable.
  • Simple fonts, contrasting colors in texts and minimal or subtle background patterns effectively engage the viewer’s attention.

The Outsides

  • The typical trade show tent is mostly 40 to 60 feet high. But then again you must put it up according to the size allotted to you.
  • In line with current temporary structural regulations all stages and platforms are higher than 60 cm and need to be fitted with a handrail at least 1m high.
  • Any typical tent takes about 4-6 hours to set up from scratch, making sure you have enough time on your hands to check everything just after set up is completed.
  • Exit doors need to be clearly marked with broad lights that are visible from a distance. Distance must never be more than 24 meters between 2 points.
  • Every fabric used for construction of temporary marquees/structures must be flame retardant.
  • Make sure you have at least 2 exits in place, in case you are expecting more than 50 visitors at any point of time.
  • Have the tent properly tested to make sure it is structured correctly to be able to resist all sorts of uplift forces.

A carefully constructed and attractively designed tent is set up carefully and constructively, can help your customers get a lot of information making your presence at the trade show practically effective. Tents in trade shows are the best of ways to get your business rolling, while also enhancing the image of your business. Believe in them and use them wisely for never-before-seen results.