Things to Avoid in a Trade Show Booth!

Trade show booths are undoubtedly one of the best ways to advertise for business and score over competitors. They are offer a great platform for advertising and promotion for businesses of all sizes. However, participation in a trade show must also ensure adequate ROI so that you reap enough returns in terms of sales and revenue. Here we have compiled a list of things that need to be avoided so as to gain maximum returns from a trade show booth.

Trade Show Booths

  • Avoid giving cheap gifts

Giving free gifts is a common practice in trade shows where businesses give away freebies to visitors. If you are planning to do so, make sure that your gift is of some value. It is better not to give away anything rather than distributing cheap, low cost and poor quality items. Doing so will create a poor impression of your brand in the minds of the attendees, which will work adversely for your brand. However, by valuable we do not mean something very expensive, you need to strike a balance and give free gifts that are appreciated!

  • Don’t overdo display of free gifts

If you are planning to give free gifts, make sure that they are not much on display. Excessive open displays will make your booth look like a flea store, which can be quite distracting for the visitors, whose attention will get diverted from the principal product or brand!

Also if your business offers more than one product and has a wide range to offer, display intelligently. Too many products on show can be confusing for the attendees. If you have multiple products on offer, online galleries or monitors are a better option for display rather than physical exhibits in your trade show booth.

  • Avoid Open-to-All contests

Conducting contests in your trade show booth is a great idea to attract attention and generate leads. But open to all contests can get your booth overcrowded with too many people clambering to participate and win prizes. This may lead to commotion and dilution of your brand image. Plan contests sensibly so that you attract your target audiences, making it easy and manageable.

  • Avoid setting up office

Remember that a trade show booth is a platform for you to exhibit your products and services. It is NOT where you set up your office. If you are optimistic about generating leads and following up from your office, it is better to extend your office hours so that people can get in touch there. The booth is certainly not where you should be conducting business and closing sales!

  • Have ethical practices

Keep in mind that whatever you portray at your trade show booth will reflect your brand image and speak volumes about your organization. Some businesses man their booths with skimpily clad attractive staff that double up as eye candies and attract attention. Similarly posting such stuff online will also tarnish your brand image. Such practices are unethical as well as unprofessional. Remember whatever you do, should be in line with the organizational goals and not otherwise!

With these few things in mind, you can ensure fair ROI for the marketing investment that you make in a trade show booth and participating in public events.