Popular Trends to Follow for a Successful Trade Show

When you’re exhibiting at a trade show, your focus is to stand out and attract the attention of the visitors. But how are you planning to achieve this? That’s where the latest trends, new designs, and implementing some smart ideas can come in handy. Though these trends are always changing, these unique additions can be the key to your next successful event. To help you in this context, our experts are going over several popular trends that can make your show a hit!

  1. Fun Engagements

Do you enjoy visiting a boring trade show booth? If not, then how can you expect that from others? That’s why you should include some fun elements such as games like spin the wheel and guessing the number of marbles in a bottle. With this addition, you can grab the attention of the attendees and invite them to your booth. However, if you’re including games, there should be rewards to acknowledge the efforts of the visitors. That’s where you can hand over your products as gifts.

  1. Interactive Booth Staff

A trade show booth is incomplete without a few faces who will represent your company in the event. These representatives are responsible for inviting the attendees and keeping them interested in your booth. This is possible with proper interaction and hospitality, so make sure you appoint them from a reputed agency or with many years of experience in the field.

  1. Customer-Focused Design

The smartest thing you can do as an exhibitor is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand them better. For instance, if you figure out the reason to stop by a booth, then your half job is done. We generally enter a booth that caters to our business interest. So, you should include elements such as trade show displays with appealing images, graphics and unique signage that speaks well of your products and services and how the customers can benefit from them.


  1. Live Demonstration

A live demonstration is always effective. Opt for manual demonstrations of your products or services conducted by the booth staff or use technology like LED displays. The latter uses a wide range of light-emitting diodes for showcasing a video of your products or services. This film can feature the manufacturing process of these products and the benefits of using them.

  1. A Cozy Environment

In the race of wooing customers, many exhibitors often forget to consider their basic need and that is their comfort. It can be exhausting for them to walk around several booths at a trade show. That’s where booths with a lounge area can win their attention. They generally look for a respite in a crowded place and if you’re one of them to provide them with a place to relax, then you’re all set to make an impact on them. Once you’ve got them to your trade show booth, brief your representatives to demonstrate them your products and services without being too pushy.

  1. Proper Lighting

The use of proper lighting fixtures in your booth can make a lot of difference. In fact, with this décor essential, you can create shadows that can bring in a dramatic effect. Try dim and spot lights but maintain a parity. Avoid going overboard as too many lights can decrease the visual appeal of your booth.

  1. Add Technology

In this digital era, how can you forget about technology? From including large screens to virtual reality apps like Google Cardboard; these additions can entice your attendees and draw them to your booth. The use of these technologies can take them to an interactive world where they can get information about your products and services. The exhibitors who prioritize technology along with other elements can get a better outcome compared to those who don’t.

With these trends, your booth can never fail to create a good impression on the visitors at a trade show. So, which ones are you planning to include? Always remember to make your booth visually appealing with trade show displays and incorporate activities that will garner interest among the attendees who can be your potential customers in the future.