How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Successful with Games

When you plan to exhibit at a trade show, you want to drive more traffic to your booth. So, how are you going to do that? One of the more interesting ways is to include fun games that will not only draw the attention of visitors but also make your booth stand out. But you need a strategy to make it work. If you’re wondering where to begin, keep reading as we walk you through the gaming strategy and a few fun (and effective) games.

The Strategy

Without a strategy, you might go haywire and wonder why you added these ‘fun’ activities in the first place. So, consider these things while making your plan.

  • Promote your games
    If you are adding games to your booth, try to build interest among attendees by letting them know both before the event and during the show. How? Try social media campaigns, emails, and pre-show postcards for pre-show promotions and trade show displays on show day.
  • Concentrate on less
    Just because you’re adding games doesn’t mean you should entertain everyone. Your aim is to draw traffic to your booth and pick a few participants. This way, you can maintain a crowd and give away a few rewards (like your own products) to the winners.
  • Avoid becoming a distraction
    Do not forget the purpose of the trade show. Games grab the attention of attendees, but the opportunity to engage with potential customers is often missed. Remember: too much of gaming might be interfere with your actual objective of getting leads, which is why it is imperative to balance fun and work.
  • Include your brand whenever possible
    Try to get your brand’s name and logo on game pieces to attract attention to your company. Of course, branding opportunities depend on the games you choose from the list mentioned later in this post.
  • Get attendees’ contact information
    If you add games then you have a legitimate reason to ask for participants’ contact information. For instance, simply hand over a contact form and get players’ details. This way, you can gather their basic information and reach out later or keep them aware of your brand through email marketing and newsletters.

4 Fun Games for Your Booth

After you have a strategy, the next step is to select a few games for your booth. Here are five strong options.

1. The Prize Wheel

It’s been around a long time, but prize wheels are is still popular at trade shows. Though you may not win brownie points for originality, its familiarity, added to free giveaways, may lead to more prospects. Just make sure you take players’ contact information.

If you want to make this game more interesting, fill the prize wheel with gifts. But keep aside one big prize accompanied by promotional coupons. This way, you can create tension among participants. In addition, you can use the promo coupons to create the impression that participants are getting a super deal when they walk away, whereas, in reality, they would have got the same prize even if they just walked into your booth. Make sure only you know the truth!

2. Plinko

This is a simple but fun game that features a Plinko board with a series of nails set in a vertical pattern. The bottom of the board consists of prize slots with one slot indicating a big prize. The challenge here is to drop a disk from the top of the board, which is obstructed by the nails, into that big prize slot. However, wherever it lands, the player will get a prize. This makes aiming for one slot nearly impossible but still gives players an adrenaline rush. This game is also fun to watch for passers-by or other interested participants as they cheer on the contestant. Plus, the disk takes time to settle into a slot which gives you the chance to chat up attendees.

3. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards create buzz by keeping attendees on their toes and, hopefully, interested. If they win, they will be excited, and even if they lose, you can use the time to build rapport. This involves a little investment in materials, but if you’re ready to spend then you should not skip scratch cards.

4. Matching Game

By a matching game, we don’t mean matching the boxes on a colouring book. Instead, we have a (relatively) elaborate idea that involves indirect branding without your attendees’ knowledge. Here is the idea: you hand over a t-shirt with a sticker and your company logo to contestants who need to find others wearing similar shirts to win one of your products as a prize. This way, they promote your brand throughout the trade show.

Games can fetch good results, but always prepare a strategy to stay focused on winning your own prize: new customers. Once you’re ready, select any of these fun activities to drive more traffic to your booth and make it a hit!