Shout out Success with These Tips at the Next Trade Show

Is your next trade show around the corner? Are you prepared for it or are you still wondering how to make an impact on the attendees? Whenever you’re planning to participate in an exhibition, make sure you plan well and create a strategy that can guide you towards your success. It will be a demotivating experience for your employees, if your booth doesn’t perform well at the show, despite all the time, effort and money you invested. So, start selecting trade show displays along with other important considerations. To learn more about them, keep reading this blog-post!

Surefire Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth a Success

  1. Booth location

Do you want your brand to be seen everywhere at the exhibition? This can be done if you take the prime location at the show. This may be expensive compared to other places and can also be reserved far ahead of the exhibition. This is because these slots sell out fast as company owners book them in advance. Hence, if you want such locations, negotiate prior to the show and keep your place reserved.

  1. Booth appearance

If your booth doesn’t stand out in the show with bright colours, clear messaging and interesting visual content, then you shouldn’t expect a positive outcome.  That’s why you need to remember to select attractive portable and custom displays that are well-lit and unobstructed.

Expert Tips

  • Choose big and readable font sizes to ensure they are visible and readable from a distance.
  • Refrain from selecting more than two or three colours as too many of them can spoil the essence of the booth’s appearance.
  1. Representatives

Nothing is more welcoming than warm and hospitable booth hosts. Whenever you’re appointing them, look for people with good social skills. They can interact without much effort and keep the attendees glued to the booth. Also, brief them properly about your brand and products so that they can offer a good presentation confidently.

  1. Include high-tech ideas

From video walls, custom LED panels, to touchscreens like giant iTab smartphones; these high-tech additions won’t fail to make an impact on the attendees. For instance, you can replace boring display walls with video walls that can display superior quality content in different panels which appear like one image. With this inclusion, you can showcase your products or brand message in a bigger spectrum.

  1. Bring in contests and games

Will you be interested in attending a trade show where the companies are talking only about themselves?  Liven up a booth by adding a few games, lucky draws or social media contests that will attract a good number of attendees. It’s an interesting way to stand out among other exhibitors and fetch a considerable database which can come handy in the future.

  1. Offer goodies, snacks and drinks

If you consider the above-mentioned tip, then you should keep some goodies as rewards to the winners of the games and contests. Apart from offering goodies, give away free beverages and snacks which will be much appreciated. However, remember to keep them aligned to the theme of your booth or products if possible. Plus, whenever you decide to hand over snacks or water, attach your company’s business card to establish your brand’s identity.

  1. Provide promotional products

Promotional products involve additional investment and can be skipped if you are on a tight budget. However, getting them in bulks is cost-effective. Your set of giveaways should be attractive and useful, while showcasing your brand. They can be anything from pens and notebooks to coffee mugs and wallets.

  1. Engage in social media

A social media engagement is the key to reach out to more people. Digital marketing professionals can help you with a plan to promote your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. In this way, you can get more responses from your targeted audience who can turn out to be your potential customers in the long-run.

Are you ready to make your trade show booth a hit? These above-listed tips will ensure you have a great show provided you consider them. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!