Use Digital Signage in Your Trade Show Booth Design

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Don’t ignore the importance of interactive digital displays while considering your booth designs for a trade show. A well-tailored video can enhance any trade show display. However, integrating activities on interactive digital displays and signage can make your booth stand out from the rest. There are quite a few benefits which come with including digital signage in your display. A few important ones are mentioned here:

The Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Draws the Attention of Young Professionals

The workforce is rapidly becoming electronic, especially since younger professionals are stepping into the work field. Consumers and colleagues are used to having an endless stream of information which is accessible and packaged via touch screens which fit into your pocket. Hence, they may be less interested in flipping through leaflets of information.

  • A Greener Strategy

Most businesses are in the midst of joining the paperless revolution. Depending on the functionality and content of your display, you might be able to reduce the number of printed flyers and brochures being used.

  • Engages Attendees

It’s the sad truth that most attendees at a trade show feel more at ease interacting with a touch screen than engaging in conversation with your staff. Hence, they may favour booths which give them a chance to be able to discover ideas independently. Interactive displays and signage give something to do to those who’re waiting for you to be free and answer their questions. Without having something to do while they wait, many attendees may get bored and leave.

  • It Can Serve Double Duty

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of multimedia displays is that they can easily be repurposed across numerous formats. A game or video being used at a trade show can be posted on your organization’s website. This gives a chance to those who might have missed your booth, get the information anyway. For the ones who might’ve seen it, it will serve as a memory trigger. Whether you’re using interactive technology or setting up an iPad kiosk, a display can be made successful by being used creatively.

Ways to Incorporate Digital Signage

  1. A Virtual Tour

A virtual tour can provide a walkthrough of your products and services. It can also provide an introduction to your company. Keeping the wording sparse and in favour of colours, music, user interaction and graphics ensures maximum engagement.

  1. Simulation/Demonstration

The digital media section can provide a chance for visitors to observe your service or product in action. Setting up a station for attendees to use interactive software can be useful too.

  1. Creativity Stations

Engage your visitors with the opportunity to create something from scratch. Offering a prize proves beneficial as the attendees will remember your booth more vividly.

Create an impactful and interactive display. Schedule a free consultation with a professional to help you design an unforgettable booth. Take full advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it.