How to Use Guerrilla Marketing for a Successful Trade Show

Trade show booths are a great medium for displaying your company’s uniqueness and creativity. Many exhibitors believe in only using tried and tested ways for promoting their trade show displays, while others think out-of-the-box.

Guerrilla marketing is a creative way to make your booth stand out. It helps you in getting an edge and maximizing your investment. With this marketing strategy, you can promote your products or services in an unconventional way within a limited budget. Whether it be a game, a competition or a surprise, guerrilla marketing is perfect to extend your reach and create attention.

Here are a few ideas that can help you in making your trade show display a memorable one.

Before the Show

  1. Do something to surprise the people and bring them to your booth. Some gifts, clues, or hints. You can even make it something humorous. Create curiosity, but don’t disclose what’s coming.
  2. Use social media to promote your campaign. Engage your customers by asking for their feedback on a new product or service, or organize a contest and ask questions about a product or business idea.
  3. Post a bold and unique advertisement in the newspaper or on your website. Provide information regarding your upcoming trade show exhibits and why people should be excited.

At the Show

  1. Set up a selfie counter where attendees can take their selfies in front of your booth and encourage them to post it on social media platforms. This will not only promote your brand, but also extend your marketing reach.
  2. Have the attendees spend more time at your booth by having a wireless charging station.
  3. Get a celebrity character or impersonator outside the event.
  4. Hold a fun and exciting contest to attract people to your trade booth. Give unique and branded gifts to the contest winners. This will make them remember your exhibits long after the trade show is over.

After the Show

  1. Send out personalized cards to your customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to let them know that you remember them.
  2. Post selfies with hashtags related to your product/brand to your social media accounts.

Take advantage of guerrilla marketing to promote your brand. Make your trade show booth a memorable one by having people talk about your brand after the show. Measure the success by looking at your social media engagement through official hashtags, tweets, etc. Use these ideas in your next show and to attract more attendees.