10 Awesome Ways to Build Your Brand at Trade Shows

What is your objective when you exhibit at a trade show? Are you showcasing your products and services? Are you trying to build brand awareness? In either case, trade shows are a perfect platform for establishing your brand and showcasing what you have in store for consumers. However, standing out at a big event can be challenging. After all, you aren’t the only exhibitor. That is why you should have a proper marketing strategy in place, along with other elements such as trade show displays, booth design and representatives. If you are not sure where to begin, let our experts walk you through a few ways to build your brand awareness.

How to Build Brand Awareness at Trade Shows

Once you know your objectives, building your brand’s presence becomes easier. Here are a few ways to build your brand awareness at trade shows.

  1. Book a bigger exhibit

A big booth attracts more attendees than a small one. A larger space instantly makes you stand out and can accommodate more visitors. A big exhibitor space in a prime spot is ideal.

  1. Invest in graphics

Your selection of graphics, images and illustrations plays a major role in establishing your brand. Who wants to enter a booth without pictures or graphics? These make your exhibit visually appealing and support your audience messaging.

Pro Tip: Always opt for high-resolution images that do not pixelate when enlarged to fit a banner.

  1. Focus on proper messaging

It is not possible to communicate anything without proper messaging which is why you should be exacting when it comes to what information you put in front of your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to maintain a hierarchy of message; this means that your information structure should begin with who you are, what you do and what you can do for your customers. Remember to include your contact details at the bottom of all banners, posters and other trade show displays.

  1. Use social media

Many people are glued to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr, making social media marketing indispensable. Create a digital marketing plan that deploys suitable hashtags so that your company can trend on these forums.

  1. Add technology

These days technology plays a significant role in highlighting your exhibit to the crowd. Large-screen smartphones, tablets and LED display panels are effective ways to deliver your message, along with other graphics. These inclusions can be expensive but are worth it for the positive feedback you can expect to receive.

  1. Remember that your brand is more than just your logo

While your logo is your company’s primary graphic, don’t forget to include your brand name, tagline and contact details when designing trade show displays and the exhibit as a whole.

  1. Participate in more trade shows

If you are a new company, you will need to participate in more than one trade show to make your presence felt in your industry of choice. So, expand your show schedule to introduce your brand, products and services to as many people as possible. Exhibiting at many shows requires bandwidth and a significant budget but will help to establish your brand and future revenue streams.

  1. Invite influencers and ambassadors

Influencers are online personalities with many social media followers; ambassadors are reputable personalities with a huge fan base. Both can attract new visitors if you invite them to your exhibit. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to create hype around your trade show industry. All you need to do is arrange a seminar or an interactive session based on what best suits your needs.

  1. Consider giveaways

Giveaways can take many forms, including souvenirs and promotional products. These are usually given out to consumers when they leave your booth. Make sure these products include your brand’s name, logo and contact details. In this way you indirectly promote your brand which will help you in the long run.

  1. Interact with the press

Whenever you exhibit at a trade show, call the press. This includes traditional media as well as influencers and bloggers who can cover your brand. In this way you spread it to as many people as possible.

From focusing on proper messaging to including graphics, technology and digital media into your booth, the considerations outlined above will help build your brand. Just be sure to strategize properly to create a trade show identity within your industry that will be hard to forget.