Why Banner Stands in Trade Shows are still Important

Trade shows offer great opportunity to businesses to showcase their products and services in the most effective manner. The format of trade shows encourages businesses to put their best foot forward and connect to their target segment through various displays like pop-ups, table tops, banner stands, interactive televisions, smart devices, etc. Though display options are numerous nothing can beat the importance and impact of banner stands in your trade show booth. These have several advantages that make them a popular choice for businesses. Read on to know what they are:



Banner stands are light weight and easy to carry around. If you are planning to participate in several trade shows in then it is a wise idea to invest in banner stands so that they can be used at events held at different locations. Most such displays fit into small cases and travel bags that make it easy for transport.


These displays are completely customizable which makes them unique. We at Exhibit Express have an extensive range of banner stands that are made according to exclusive needs of a business highlighting their distinctive advantages and helping them create a mark in trade shows. Businesses can choose the shape, color, size, graphics, text, etc. that they wish to display. Most banner stands are displayed on a metal stand with removable graphics panel. This lends more flexibility to you brand giving you the option to change the display whenever you want.

High Quality and Durability

Banner stands are high quality displays that have high resolution images and text in bright colors that make them attractive and eye catching. With banner stands you can surely expect to grab the attention of attendees at a trade show from a distance. Also these kinds of displays are extremely durable because of the way they are made making them last and resistant to wear and tear inspite of extensive handling.


Banner stands are an economical trade show display option because they are like a onetime investment. As a business owner you do not have to spend on them every time you participate in a trade show because you can use them at events across different locations.

Less Space

Banner stands are a great display option for all kinds of businesses big, small and medium. Small and medium sized businesses usually do not have big budgets for trade shows and can manage only small booths. This makes it crucial for them to utilize the available space optimally. This makes them a preferred choice as they take up very little space while being displayed. They help your business stand out in the crowd despite a small booth.

We create a wide variety of trade show displays apart from banner stands. For more information on banner stands in Vancouver contact us at 1-888-594-7333.