10 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Fabric Kit

Product Description

Go green with the 10 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Fabric Kit. It contains six panels made of EcoFi – a high polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. These are Velcro compatible and come in a shipping case that can be turned into a podium at your booth. The LED lights help highlight the high resolution panels that come in various colors.

Call an expert to know about the various panel colour options.

The entire setup takes a short while to install and can be carried around easily in the compact zippered channel bag. The kit comes with a Sintra top that can act as the table top. Ask for our customized tops if you want something more personalized.


  • Height: 88 in. (223.52cm)
  • Width: 120 in. (304.80cm)
  • Depth: 38 in. (96.52cm)
  • Weight: 87 lb.