Stretch Fabric Portables

Stretch fabric portable are quite common in the international tradeshows these days. While securing a convenience quotient in every possible ways, stretch fabric portables create a strong visual impact. Being flexible, these are the most preferred choice of the exhibitors.

Made-of various rods and joints interconnected together, these exclusive items can be stretched to its maximum and compressed down to a small size as per the requirement, which helps in ease of storage and shipping. At Exhibit Express, you can find a wide array of choices in straight and curved hardware as per the requirements.

Beautiful stretch fabric portables from the house of Exhibit Express, create amazing backdrops in the trade-shows. Setting it up and disassembly is incredibly simple and even a novice can do it without any professional assistance. With so many benefits in a single package, stretch fabric portables are certainly an ideal choice for those who are looking to showcase themselves in an international podium.

With preprinted, pre-attached graphic (fabric) it can be effortlessly fitted to multiple points within the frame. No wonder, it has opened up endless opportunities to convey your brand’s message to the target audience.