10 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Graphic Kit

Product Description

Get high resolution images and graphics with the 10 Foot Exhibit Magnetix Curve All Graphic Kit that packs in a punch – all in its 87 pounds. Bright and vivid colors along with high resolution photos mould themselves well in the 1200 DPI mural panels and are lit with two LED arm lights. Each part of the entire kit is stored well in the shipping case and the entire set is easily transportable. The shipping case is wheeled and can be converted into a podium once you have emptied its contents. Place the table top that comes with the case or a customized wood table top to create the perfect podium in your booth.

The Magnetix frames and the channel bars ease the complexities of setup and the channel bars stick to the frames easily. The USA made frames come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Height: 88”
  • Width: 120”
  • Depth: 38”
  • Weight: 87 lb.