Rental Displays

Discover the Countless Possibilities with Custom Display Rentals

In a brand-focused environment of trade fairs, exhibitors get a limited chance to make an impression. Hence, you need to be extra cautious with your booth designing, since it plays a key role in grabbing the gaze of your potential audience. At Exhibit Express, we listen to your needs, understand your goals and come up with customized exhibit displays that you can rent out at affordable price. Custom-made exhibit displays in our inventory will surely make you stand out from the competition.

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Why Should You Rent When You Can Buy

Renting out an exhibit display is a cost-effective choice. For many first time exhibitors, cost of the exhibits is the biggest concern. Rental solutions certainly make an economic alternative for them. Buying a display will be expensive and chances are you might not need that particular display in future. Rent-to-purchase product gives you an opportunity to try it before making any purchase investment. These are ideal in the following situations:

  • Participating first time in a trade fair
  • Participating in one or two tradeshows a year
  • If two exhibitions are scheduled at the same time

What we Offer

We offer a wide array of exhibit display on rent. Each of these products differ in terms of style, size and dimension. You can choose from the following options:

  • Table top display
  • Pop up display
  • 10×10 exhibit rentals
  • 10×20 exhibits and larger linears
  • 20×20 & larger island booths
  • Multi-level display booths
  • Custom portable exhibits
  • Custom booths
  • Kiosk, tower, & counter exhibit
  • Rental accessories like table tops, hanging signs, literature holders pop up displays

And many more!

Benefits of Choosing Exhibit Express

We understand the importance of having an exhibit that looks outright professional and conveys your brand message effectively. Hence, we bring an assortment of display rentals that can be custom-made as per your needs. Choosing us will give you the following benefits:

  • Extensive Inventory of Display rentals
  • Custom-made products only for you
  • Award-winning exclusive Designs and Size
  • Comprehensive line of Trade show accessories
  • Expert consultation on booth design

3-in-1 Solution

Our rental solution is based on 3-in-1 approach:

  • Creating attractive displays with matching graphics
  • Hassle-free shipping to the desired location
  • Offering professional labors to set up and dismantle the exhibit display

So what are you waiting for? Purchase custom exhibit rentals for your next trade show.

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