Trade Show Booth Design

Helping you stand out!

Exhibit Express understands the importance of trade show displays for every business. This is why we have been catering to every kind of trade show display need for more than 25 years. Our exclusive range of modular pop up displays, banner stands, hybrid graphic displays, etc. are available at extremely competitive prices to help businesses connect to their niche and create the desired impact. We also offer customizable displays for every kind of event starting from local exhibitions to international trade fairs.

Our wide range of services also include designing trade show booths for businesses of all sizes and help them effectively convey their message along with creating an impressive visual impact. We have a team of experienced designers who shall design attractive booth for your business at a public event. Whether you are planning live product demonstrations, contests, live displays or any other activity, our specialists ensure that every inch of your booth space is optimally used. With an attractive trade show booth design you can attract attendees and get them interested in your products and services and look forward to some benefits listed below.

  • Attractive and eye catching
  • Professional look and feel
  • Optimum utilization of space
  • State of the art displays
  • Effective communication to potential customers
  • One on one interaction with target segment
  • Affordable

An eye-catching trade show booth design will give your business a competitive edge over your rivals because we make use of latest state-of-the-art display products to advertise your business in limited space. Also since we provide professional expertise in designing your trade show booth, you can expect to achieve a distinct look for your space and project a professional image of your business. Our team of designers constantly implements fresh ideas coupled with innovation and creativity to deliver the best for your business at affordable prices for all business.