Choose the Best Location for your Booth in a Trade Show

Participating in trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and other such public events is extremely important for all kinds businesses, small, big or medium. These events offer great opportunity for promoting a business and a platform to showcase their products and services. However, it is common to have budgetary constraints for businesses and it may not be possible to participate in every show. A business owner has to shortlist the events that shall give the maximum exposure to potential clientele. Apart from this there are several other factors that ensure a fruitful participation in trade shows and exhibits. Choosing the right location for your booth is one such factor that shall ensure a fruitful participation for your business. Here is how to go about it:


  • Choose front center or front right

In a trade show booth try to secure the front centre position for your booth. This is the position that gets maximum attention as people entering tend to look in that direction first. If the front centre is not available then your next option should be front right, because that is the next place where you will be most likely to get noticed. Chances of attendees failing to take notice are minimal when you occupy such a strategic position.

  • End of the row is next

If you are not able to procure a front position, your next option should be the end of the row. This position has a couple of advantages. Firstly, people tend to go up to the end to check out what the show is offering. Secondly, this will give you more space to display your products because you will have one side of the booth entirely to yourself.

  • Try to stay in the main display area or hall

Every trade show or exhibition has a main area which has premium displays. If your budget permits, procuring a booth in this prime area will yield enormous benefits. It may not be possible for you to occupy a position here at all exhibitions, but even if you can do so in a few, it will help immensely. These positions are often charged a premium as compared to other slots in a fair or show.

  • Stay closer to a BIG brand

If there are big and well known brands participating in the show, selecting a booth next to theirs will help. It is but natural that the big brands will attract huge crowds to their booth and if you are next to them then in all likelihood, people are bound to stray into your booth as well. You can use this opportunity to create awareness about your product and service.

  • Look for groups

When you sign up for a trade show, ask the organizers for the floor plan. This will help you know and understand the layout of the show and choose a spot accordingly. You can also ask the organizers for clusters wherein businesses with allied products and services are grouped and placed together.