6 Trade Show Banner Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Trade show exhibits provide an opportunity to create a great impression with your potential customers in person. Of the different kinds of exhibits, banners can be great in drawing the visitors’ attention towards you.

There are certain ways to customize your trade show banners in terms of measurements, design, content and positioning. More often than not, a lot of exhibitors make mistakes due to lack of planning and insight. In this post we have listed six most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to the customization of these displays.

Trade Show Banner Mistakes to Avoid

Fixing the Banner to a Table Top

Tying your banner to a tabletop does not look very tasteful, and just makes your exhibit appear unprofessional. If you do want to put something promotional on the table, then it is better to get a tablecloth with your branding on it. Banners on the other hand, can be used in the backdrop behind the table set.

Cluttering with Too Much Text

Banners, signs and posters have one common purpose, which is to make your brand visible to the visitors. For this, they need to have easily readable text that can convey the message within seconds.These display tools may provide a much larger space for putting all your selling points into one place but try to resist this temptation. Lengthy descriptions will just bore your audience.

Text is just as important as the graphics, but if you want to elaborate on your products or services to the customers, then using a couple of standing banners and lists to mention the selling points will be more effective. Keep the text brief and precise, use bullet points, and highlight the sections that will draw the people to your booth.

Trying to Hang Banners without Grommets

A grommet is a metal ring that is attached to the banners at the edges to prevent it from tearing. You can use rope, zip ties etc. to hang the displays with the help of grommets. If you want hanging fabric or vinyl banners for your exhibit, then it is better to order a grommet-attached one.

Not Using Social Media Enough

If you are not using social media for your business in 2019, then you are definitely losing out to your competition. Using various social media platforms for business promotion and using social media accounts to communicate with your clients is a great way to build brand loyalty.

Sometimes, you may feel that giving your personal information on the display is problematic, especially if that information changes after a while. But not using this opportunity to at least promote your website is a huge mistake. Adding your web address and social media handles to your banners will also ensure that people can follow you instantly from their phones.

Making Banner Stands Yourself

Trade show events are opportunities for you to showcase your professionalism to your client base. If you get a booth in the middle of the show, then you may not be able to hang a banner as planned. But do not resort to DIY banner stands as they almost never come out as a professional presentation of your brand. In that case, getting a retractable banner, like the 39 inches Axis 1000 banner stand, can solve the issue for you. These displays are easier to set up and will not require much space either.

Making Too Creative Designs

Just like you should not clutter your banner with too many words, getting too creative with the fonts and design is not wise either. These displays are specifically meant for advertisements only, and not as a medium for artistic expression so avoid using any fancy fonts. People should be able to read the displays from at least 6 metres away so making the catchphrases bold and using an easy to read font is a good idea.

To ensure you reap the benefits of your upcoming trade show, try to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. Even if you are unable to fully achieve your targets, you will at least come to know the areas where you need to improve for better results the next time.